04 December 2008

Choosing Judges in W.Va.

The West Virginia Judicial Association has endorsed the state's current method of voting for judges and justices along party lines, after Gov. Joe Manchin sought support for nonpartisan elections for at least circuit judges, The Associated Press reports.

Representing more than 90 active and retired judges and justices, the association has adopted a resolution that also declares its members "are always committed to participating in discussions to improve the judiciary.''

AP reported earlier that Manchin had approached the association's executive committee, which in response unanimously endorsed a resolution in favor of nonpartisan elections and agreed to present it to the full group at this week's winter conference in Morgantown.

Supporters of Tuesday's alternative resolution cited ongoing studies of the issue. The outcome "also follows a plea to the state's 55 county Democratic Party chairmen to oppose any move away from partisan elections," AP reports.

MetroNews and Public Broadcasting (with audio) also have coverage of Tuesday's resolution.

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