04 December 2008

W.Va. Standing By Touch-Screen Voting Machines

West Virginia Secretary of State Betty Ireland spoke to The Associated Press about how the state was " simultaneously criticized and praised for its electronic voting machine procedures" during this year's general election.

After a handful of complaints received national press and Internet attention, Ireland told AP's Tom Breen "she's convinced much of the criticism was prompted by the heat of a fiercely fought national election."

"This particular election was so highly charged, nationally, and we got bombarded by out-of-state groups," Ireland said. "Some people were looking for problems, and instead of calling us first, they called CNN."

Ireland's successor, meanwhile, told Breen she "plans to convene a forum with lawmakers, county clerks, voters and others to discuss how votes are tallied in the state, and whether changes should be made."

"There are some people who love the touch-screen machines, but in the last election, some questions came up that need to be answered," said Natalie Tennant, who won the statewide seat Nov. 4.

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