01 December 2008

Rockefeller Losing Longtime Aide

The Charleston Gazette has a lengthy Sunday piece on Lou Ann Johnson, who is departing this month as state director for U.S. Sen. Rockefeller after 28 years with the West Virginia Democrat.

At age 50, "retirement, she said, will allow her to unleash some of the soapbox activism she restrained in deference to his position," the article said.

Rockefeller plans to promote Deputy State Director Rochelle Goodwin to the post, The Gazette reports.


clear eyes said...

Wow! Imagine what kind of "activism" you'd have to restrain in deference to JRock's positionss!

Anonymous said...

There you go.
Retiring at the age of 50.
Worn out from all of that hard labor.
Probably with a federal pension.

Get back to work like the rest of us peons.

MountainLaurel said...

If she has the financial means to retire, why shouldn't she?