24 October 2008

Biden in W.Va. (Updated)

Update: The Associated Press, MetroNews, WSAZ-TV and The Charleston Gazette are among those who covered Sen. Joe Biden's downtown rally Friday.

Charleston Police Lt. Jerry Hill told AP that he estimated the crowd's size at between 2,500 and 3,000.

Preceded by a roster that included Gov. Joe Manchin and a wheelchair-reliant Sen. Robert C. Byrd, Biden spoke for about a half-hour and then spent about 20 minutes greeting those in the crowd and shaking hands.

Sen. Jay Rockefeller told those at the rally that his longtime pollster has Obama a percentage point behind McCain in West Virginia. AP has cited recent polling in the state by national firms suggesting a gap of between 6% and 12%.

MetroNews and The Gazette also have photos. The former has audio as well, and a response from the McCain-Palin campaign.

WSAZ-TV has several video clips, as does WOWK-TV, while WCHS-TV has a report.

Update II: The Logan Banner reports that when he arrived late Thursday at Yeager Airport, "Biden chatted with coal miners, but snubbed newspaper, TV and radio reporters."

Original Post: MetroNews, The Charleston Gazette and The Associated Press are among those setting the stage for Friday's visit by Democratic running mate Joe Biden to Charleston for a morning rally downtown. The former two have photos.

The appearance marks the first one open to the general public by any of the figures on the two major tickets.

"The McCain-Palin campaign plans a counter-rally earlier Friday at its nearby Charleston office," AP notes.

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Anonymous said...

Jay's pollster called me, sounded to me like she was calling from out of state. Had a Hispanic accent, was eating something while she asked questions, couldn't pronounce Capito, and generally left a poor impression.

Don't we have enough telemarketers in WV that Jay could have thrown a few mil at them?