21 October 2008

Registered Voters in W.Va. at All-Time High

A record 1.2 million West Virginians are registered to vote in the general election, the secretary of state reports.

As The Associated Press notes, the last high was 1.17 million voters in 1952, when the state's population peaked at about 2 million. It now has about 1.8 million people.

Both AP and the Herald-Dispatch of Huntington note the influx of unaffiliated voters. "Other" voters now account for 15 percent of the state's total.

"Democrats remain the majority, with more than 675,300. They outnumber Republicans by just under two-to-one," AP notes.


ProfVA said...

West Virginia does not have bragging rites on the amount of new voters' registered.

The real clear winner in voter registration fraud is Marion County,Indiana where a reported 105% of eligible voters are registered.

I guess ACORN really outdid themselves!

If you are REALLY alive, REALLY a West Virginian, REALLY of sound mine, REALLY not in prison, then I hope you give WVA the big turnout that will soberly wipe "Change" off Obama's grin and send him back to Chicago.

WVA doesn't need old time Chicago politics. WVA has a mind and heart of its own.

Anonymous said...

"WVA doesn't need old time Chicago politics."

Yeah, we have enough corrupt politics of our very own right here, thank you.