19 October 2008

Mason-Dixon: McCain 47%, Obama 41% in W.Va.

Mason-Dixon conducted the poll for NBC, and surveyed 625 likely state voters Oct. 16-17.

The numbers suggest 12% were undecided or chose other candidates. The poll has a margin of error of +/- 4%, and a probability of 94.55%.

Update: "
Well, scratch West Virginia from the swing state list for the time being," opines FiveThirtyEight.com upon assessing this and the coincidental PPP poll.

By no means is the state totally unwinnable for Obama," the statistical analysis site offers, "but in all probability, it is pretty far from the tipping point."


SagaciousHillbilly said...

How nice, racist lies posted here.

Nice blog. Really nice.

Now I know where to go to see what the bubba faction is up to in WV.

lmessina@gmail.com said...

This may mark the first time a comment had to be deleted from this site because of offensive content.

charlie said...

obama is a socialist after the likes of kalr marx. marxism/socialism has failed over and over again, so why would anyone give obama a chance to sink our nation. higher taxes will destroy this nation whether its personal income tax or business tax it would affect us all and sink the economy. our money is already not going far enough and poeple are struggling. we need less taxes and more money in our pockets, that is what keeps an economy strong. obama has lied and about everything even his own voting record. don't let yourself be decieved. vote for john mccain a man will offer true reform, a man will do what is best for the american family, economy and will give us national security. under obama our national compromised because he is so naive at best but also i wonder if wouldn't use violent tactics to enforce his socialism and to bully oraganation he doesn't like. after all he does associate with the likes of unrepentant terrorist ayer and wright who offers nothing but words of hatred towards america.