23 October 2008

Pair of Local Polls Show Differing Results

A pair of polls released this week from in-state interests suggest tight races on several levels in West Virginia.

Rainmaker Media surveyed 600 likely voters and found 41.67% supported John McCain for president while 41.33% supported Barack Obama, a "dead heat" as MetroNews reports.

Orion Strategies polled 600 voters for West Virginia Wesleyan College and West Virginia Media registered 49.2% for McCain, and 43.5% for Obama.

The Orion polling also checked the race for state attorney general, and found incumbent Democrat Darrell McGraw with 47.2% and Republican challenger Dan Greear with 45%.

MetroNews has items on both polls as well, and also reports on Rainmaker polling in the state Supreme Court race. It showed 25.5% for Margaret Workman, 21.17% for fellow Democrat Menis Ketchum, 21% for Republican Beth Walker and nearly 30% undecided.

The presidential results coincide with recent results from national firms (here and here).

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Anonymous said...

Why are we seeing many polls on the governor's race? And why are the ones we hear about leaving out all the candidates? Jesse Johnson is on the ballot & should have been in the broadcaster's assoc debate to make it "fair & balanced". the same for the polls what do they mean if folks don't ahve a choice of all the candidates? Where does it say in the constitution that we should have only two parties?