01 March 2010

Cyberbullying Bill Targets Comments Posted Under Screen Names

The Associated Press reports that "bloggers and others who post online under assumed names could soon face criminal charges in West Virginia," under legislation advancing to the Senate.

The House of Delegates is targeting "comments meant to cause emotional or physical injury" that are posted by "anyone impersonating another person on Web sites, e-mail or other electronic means," the article said. "House Judiciary Chairman Tim Miley said that includes people posting under screen names."

The bill, which passed 92-3, would make first or second offenses a misdemeanor, and third or subsequent offenses a felony. "Supporters say the bill aims to stop cyberbullying," AP reports. "It also adds mobile phones and similar devices to the state's anti-harassment laws."

1 comment:

Richard said...

Anybody who signs onto this this should be recalled in a vote of no-confidence.