05 March 2010

Quote of the Day

"You have to identify something and label it so you can talk about it, and 'socialism' is a good scare word. ... I'm so tired of this politically correct crap. If it's socialism, let's call it that. If not, let's call it something else."

-- Donna Lou Gosney, West Virginia's Republican National Committeewoman, to NPR while commenting on "revelations that the Republican National Committee urged fundraisers to shake the money trees by playing on fears about President Obama and 'socialism."

(Politico first reported on the strategy document that advises the GOP to raise funds "through an aggressive campaign capitalizing on 'fear'" and "outlines how 'ego-driven' wealthy donors can be tapped with offers of access and 'tchochkes.'"

"What's so dumb is that somebody left it in the hotel," Gosney, an RNC member, also told NPR. "If you can't go into a private hotel meeting and talk honestly, we're going to be in big trouble.")

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Mike said...

Is anyone, anywhere, commenting on the inflation or confusion of political terms? Obama is, at best, a moderate--suspicious of progressive ideas like single payer health insurance and willing to adopt the global war on terrorism enough to sustain both the PATRIOT Act and the surge in Afghanistan. Socialism implies nationalizing industries (like the moribund, but necessary steel industry?) I would like to see the Republicans who oppose large scale changes talk to people like Scott Finn who re-locate to Florida so that his insurance could cover treatment and care for his child, or the nurse with two hemophiliac sons who was terminated from her job--because the cost of the sons' care was raising insurance costs for her hospital, as a whole. I would like to see their compassion on display.