05 March 2010

Election 2010: Congress

The Rothenberg Political Report offers an online teaser to an analysis in its latest (subscription) print edition of the re-election prospects for U.S. Rep. Alan Mollohan, D-1st.

District voters "have been sending a Mollohan to Congress for over three decades, but this year, Republicans are making a very serious run at breaking the streak," the snippet says. "Mollohan usually doesn’t raise a lot of money or start his campaign until late in the cycle, but unless he starts getting his act together, the fourteen-term Democratic incumbent could well lose a seat that has been in his family for two generations."

Larry Sabato's Crystal Ball, meanwhile, notes West Virginia's approaching May 11 primary in a piece that seeks to measure anti-incumbent sentiment this election cycle.

"To be sure, no House incumbents were defeated in either Illinois or Texas, or for that matter, were even closely contested," that analysis said. "But by modern standards, it would still be quite noteworthy if even six or seven House members, and a senator and governor or two, were beaten over the course of the primary season."

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