15 May 2008

DaughterGate Update

The resolution may be nonbinding, but 565 members of West Virginia University's faculty voted Wednesday to demand that "embattled President Mike Garrison quit over a master's degree scandal involving the governor's daughter," The Associated Press reports.

Just 39 faculty members opposed the measure while 11 abstained in "the second call for his resignation in 10 days," the article said.

"Professors hope the latest no-confidence vote on Garrison's leadership will be harder to ignore because more faculty members were involved," AP's Vicki Smith reported. " Garrison acknowledged the vote in a prepared statement, but reiterated he plans to stay in the job."

The Charleston Gazette also has a story. So does the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, which also offers video.

MetroNews has a report and audio, while Talkline Host Hoppy Kercheval opines that the vote has effectively ended Garrison's presidency.

The Daily Athenaeum
has coverage as well. Public Broadcasting has an audio report.


Anonymous said...

Nothing is over until Manchin and the Board of Directors say it is over. Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor? Hell, no. Because when the going gets tough, Manchin and the Board of Directors stick to their guns.

You get the idea.

clear eyes said...

Sounds like the faculty are quite full of themselves and full of hypocrisy as well. Weren't there two faculty members who were actually involved in the decision-making process and in the making up of grades who took demotions because of this? I see no call for their heads (they're fellow tenured faculty, after all), but rather a call for the head of someone who did not sign off on the decision according to the oficial report. If you're going after the president, at least be consistent and go after those who made the poor decision and acted on it. This smells of pure academic politics to me.