12 May 2008

Election 2008: Legislature

The Associated Press finds that "general election isn't for nearly six months, but dozens of West Virginia legislative candidates can relax after Tuesday."

"That's because nearly half the races for the House of Delegates won't have major party opposition, along with about a third of Senate races," the article continues, citing records from the secretary of state's office.

AP also reports on legislative candidate spending in advance of the primary: about $1.6 million spent after $3.2 million was contributed or loaned to House and Senate campaigns.

The top Senate spender: Mike Ross, who "had plowed more than $97,654 into his effort... Unopposed in his party's primary, the Randolph County Democrat seeks a rematch with Republican Sen. Clark Barnes, who unseated him in 2004."

As for the House races, "Sally Susman tops the list...at $72,563 as she and nine other Democrats compete for five seats in the 27th District. The veteran Raleigh County politico had left the House in 2006 for an unsuccessful state Senate run. She has also largely self-financed her current bid."

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Anonymous said...

Good work on these stories about the legislature. Too bad they'll get lost in the shuffle with the stupid presidential election, because people should really pay attention to what happens in the state house.