12 May 2008

Suffolk: Clinton 60%, Obama 24% in W.Va.

Suffolk University polled 600 likely Democratic Primary voters over the weekend.

Asking voters to predict the next president, the survey found:

  • 31% Clinton
  • 27% Obama
  • 26% McCain
More than two-thirds, or 67%, said that Clinton should not get out of the race "regardless of what happens on Tuesday," while 24% said she should exit.

An even larger margin, 72%, said that Clinton is not hurting the Democratic Party by running in the remaining parties, versus 20 percent who said she was.

Just over half, 51%, believed that Obama could beat McCain in November. Another 29% thought he could not. The remaining 20% were undecided.

Also, 23% said they would vote for McCain if their candidate did not win the nomination. Another 6% said they would vote for Ralph Nader.

Other highlights:
  • 4% said they would vote for John Edwards
  • Obama favorable/unfavorable - 44%/41%
  • Clinton favorable/unfavorable - 70%/21%
  • Top isse - the economy, at 56%, followed by Iraq war (21%) and health care (9%)
  • 41% favored making President Bush's tax cuts permanent.
  • Bush's unfavorable rating was 77%
  • When asked about their family's situation, 62% said they were "holding steady"
  • Just one-third of the surveyed houseolds contained veterans.
  • Even fewer, 30%, had union members.
The margin of error was +/- 4 percentage points. Suffolk has also posted details.

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