16 May 2008

Election 2008: President

The Associated Press previews Friday's slated visit by presumptive GOP nominee John McCain to a St. Albans gun and archery store. WOWK-TV also has a setup, with video.

Update: AP, The Charleston Gazette and the Charleston Daily Mail all offer coverage. WSAZ-TV has coverage and raw video of the visit, and The Journal of Martinsburg spoke to some of its local participants.

Public Broadcasting, meanwhile, sifts through the result of the Democrats' presidential primary.

"Barack Obama suffered his biggest defeat yet in West Virginia’s primary election Tuesday, and the state’s image is taking a hit," the report said. "The Democratic primary shined a spotlight onto West Virginia -- and what it revealed about race and religious prejudice in West Virginia isn’t pretty."

With audio. Update: Public Broadcasting also spoke to the state's Democratic and Republican Party chairmen about the role of race and religion in the primary.

The piece also touches on The Daily Show's take on the West Virginia primary. The Comedy Central program's video segment is here.

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