15 May 2008

Election 2008: Supreme Court

The Associated Press examines the role Massey Energy CEO Don Blankenship played in Tuesday's defeat of his longtime friend, Supreme Court Chief Justice Elliott "Spike" Maynard.

"I don't think that helped Justice Maynard a bit, to be associated with Don Blankenship, even if Don Blankenship was not actively involved in his campaign," state Democratic Party Chairman Nick Casey told AP.

In Maynard's (and Blankenship's) native Mingo County, the Williamson Daily News reports that Maynard captured the top spot in that county -- but no other.

The State Journal also focuses on the MonacoGate factor, while questioning as well whether "a bigger reason for Maynard's defeat is that West Virginia does not have a solid pro-business voting block within the Democratic Party."

, meanwhile, talked to primary winner Menis Ketchum, who "believes outside groups will attack him in the months leading up to the November General Election."

"If attacked, I'll do just like this time," he told MetroNews. With audio.

Update: The Charleston Daily Mail also sifts through the results.

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