14 May 2008

How W.Va. Voted

The Associated Press offers an overview of the statewide and legislative races.

AP also weighs the Obama factor in the primary win for U.S. Sen. Jay Rockefeller, D-W.Va.

Those reporting on Clinton's win over Obama include AP, CNN, Politico, MetroNews, Public Broadcasting and The Charleston Gazette.

Update: The Lehrer News Hour analyzes Clinton's romp, while also hearing from West Virginia's Robert Rupp othat "Obama didn’t necessarily need to give his pre-emptive Mountain State concession speech. The New York Times also has a story.

Congressional race coverage comes from CQ Politics, Public Broadcasting, MetroNews, The Gazette and The Charleston Daily Mail.

Those focusing on the state Supreme Court race and the primary defeat of Chief Justice Elliott "Spike" Maynard include Public Broadcasting, the Daily Mail, The Gazette, MetroNews and the Herald-Dispatch of Huntington (updated).

Update: In other election news, the Herald-Dispatch reports on Huntington Mayor Dave Felinton's tight win in the Democratic primary, while The Intelligencer of Wheeling has Republican Sen. Andy McKenzie's victory in Wheeling's mayoral race. The Register-Herald of Beckley, meanwhile, notes that former state Supreme Court Justice Warren McGraw won the Democratic primary for Wyoming County's circuit court seat.

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Anonymous said...

It is called the Deck. It is a deck of 52 cards. On one side is the name of a Super Delegate. On the other side is a number. The number equates to the political value of the SpuerDelegate. Those with closets ties to the opposition get higher value.

Underneath the Delegates name is a code for a position. "C" stands for Cabinet level position. "U" stands for UnderSecretaries. "A" stands for Ambassadorships.

When the need calls for it (opposition wins a state, oposition has a good 24 hour news cycle, or candidate loses an important state or), Campaign Director an Candidate decide which card to play. Thus, at the same time that news cylce reports good news for opposition, the right "card" is played blunting the impact. Example: She won Pennsylavania, Card played. X Superdelegate switches to Candidate anyway.

It is called the Deck. But jobs in the new Admistration are the chips.

Can you see the game?