09 May 2008

Election 2008: President (Updated)

  • (Update) AP's Tom Breen files from the road as he continues to track the former president's multi-town sweep through West Virginia. "Hillary Rodham Clinton is counting on a victory in West Virginia, and it's her husband's job to run up the score," Breen writes.
  • (Update) CBS News has posted video on YouTube of the former president's exchange with, as AP reported, "a heckler in Fayetteville who shouted that neither he nor Hillary had done anything to work toward universal health coverage during his presidency."
  • As one of West Virginia's several holdout "superdelegates," Gov. Joe Manchin remains uncommitted to either campaign, his spokeswoman tells MetroNews (with audio.)
  • (Update) Public Broadcasting compares JFK's message from West Virginia's 1960 primary, the last one to attract such national attention, with that of Clinton and Obama. With video.
  • (Update) the Charleston Daily Mail reports that "Sen. Jay Rockefeller and Rep. Nick Rahall, two of West Virginia's superdelegates backing Barack Obama, say they're sticking with him despite polls showing Hillary Clinton a heavy favorite in the state."

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Lawbot said...

You should post that vid of Clinton losing his shit in Fayetteville. It's funny stuff.