05 May 2008

Faculty Senate Votes No Confidence in Garrison (Updated)

The tally was 77-19 with one abstention. As The Associated Press reports, the measure "demands that Garrison step down, or that the WVU Board of Governors require his resignation."

"The Faculty Senate’s action represents only a recommendation," MetroNews observes. "Neither Garrison nor the Board of Governors has to follow the vote. But it does represent a strong feeling by the faculty."

MetroNews also has audio.

Update: MetroNews also has video of the resolution motion, the final vote and Senate reaction. It also has the text of Garrison's responding statement.

Others with reports include The Charleston Gazette, The Daily Athenaeum, Public Broadcasting (with audio) and the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

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clear eyes said...

It sounds like members of the faculty senate are taking themselves way too seriously. I guess that's how academic snobery manefests itself on campus. Why not demand the Governor's resignation? or President Bush's? They were in leadership at even higher levels when the faculty felt like they were being embarrassed (even though very few in the world know or care about this incident). But, of course, it's really all about them, so it's only right that they pass a feel-good resolution.