05 May 2008

The Pros and Cons of Downsizing Government

Figures tracked down by The Charleston Gazette appear to flesh out the Manchin administration's pledge to reduce the size of state government.

"Currently, state government is budgeted to operate with a total of 38,460 full-time equivalent positions," the article said. "However, as of Friday, according to figures from the Budget Office, there were a total of 3,419 vacant full-time positions - or nearly one job in 10."

The Gazette further found that Health and Human Resources topped that tally, with 640 vacant positions out of 6,250 budgeted. The Division of Highways followed with 598 out of 4,498.

The review had been prompted by a recent Capitol rally of environmentalists and union workers, who believe vacancies at the Department of Environmental Protection impair DEP's "ability to enforce the Clean Water Act," the article said (while finding 94 unfilled positions out of 911).

The article also cites a public employees' union official, who said that "while cutting the size of state government sounds good in theory, it appears to be coming at the expense of agencies being able to perform vital services."

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clear eyes said...

I think I must have missed it. What were the Cons of Downsizing Government again?