07 May 2008

Election 2008: Supreme Court (Updated)

  • The Associated Press delves into the combined 142 years of legal experience of the race's Democratic candidates, while asking each about the one case from their careers that sticks out in their minds;
  • A poll by TSG Consulting shows Menis Ketchum and Margaret Workman ahead in the Democratic field, but with 40 percent undecided and an error of margin of +/- 5.1%, The Charleston Gazette reports;
  • The Herald-Dispatch of Huntington profiles the race and reports that "recent scandals and perceived conflicts of interest are at the top of citizens' lists of things to correct when two justices are elected to the West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals in November."
  • AP highlights the money race to date: "Lawyers remain the most generous source of campaign cash for West Virginia's Supreme Court races, with the coal industry and physicians also contributing significant sums to this year's candidates."

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