09 May 2008

Primary 2008 Shorts

  • Public Broadcasting highlights the Republican race for state attorney general. Among other items, it notes that candidate Hiram Lewis was fined during a recent hearing in which he defended a funeral home targeted by current AG Darrell McGraw. "Earlier in the proceedings, Lewis told the Judge that he had a dream, he believed it was a message from God, that the Judge would recuse himself from the case," the story said. With audio.
  • MetroNews' Talkline interviewed Democratic secretary of state candidate Joe DeLong. With audio.
  • The Journal of Martinsburg profiled GOP secretary of state candidate Charles Minimah.
  • Current Secretary of State Betty Ireland "is cautioning voters not to be misled by a mailing sent to thousands of West Virginians asking them to register to vote," the Herald-Dispatch of Huntington reports. "These mailings could cause confusion because the deadline to register to vote in Tuesday’s May 13, primary has already passed.
  • The Martinsburg newspaper also reports on the Republican's candidate for governor, former state Sen. Russ Weeks.
  • MetroNews notes that the state GOP "is in the process of revising its platform, something that's done every four years. A step in the process will come Saturday at the Charleston Civic Center and other venues across the state as part of a meeting focused on the issues the Party supports," the report said.


Anonymous said...

Please consider voting for Obama this Tuesday. Democrats need to unite behind a candidate. Obama is the strongest candidate for ordinary Americans.

Unions and working people know Obama is for them. The Teamsters union endorses Obama. Here is what Jimmy Hoffa, the head of the Teamster’s union says: “Senator Obama understands the challenges working people face every day,” Mr. Hoffa said. “He is the candidate in the best position to lead our movement to restore the American dream for working people in this country.” The American Federation of Government employees union just announced they are also for Obama. Many other unions are for Obama too, like the United Association of Plumbers and Pipefitters, UNITE HERE, Transport Workers Union, UFCW, SEIU, International Brotherhood of Boilermakers, and Utility Workers.

All these unions know American workers need more than a band aid like a summer tax “holiday”. Hillary Clinton and John McCain's "tax relief" for summer gas taxes are nothing more than another gimmick. They do not even provide enough relief in the short term. They will save the average American about $50 bucks all Summer, or a lot less than a quarter of the $400 tax rebate we are getting from Bush, who has been a disaster for American workers. And economists don’t like the Clinton/McCain the gas tax break. They say it may cause more people to buy gas, raising the price to offset the tax break so the whole stunt doesn’t even work.

The whole half-backed gas tax "relief" thing is just pandering for our votes. I give Obama credit for not going along with this typical Washington baloney. He knows we need real energy reform to reduce our reliance on foreign oil and ease demand so prices will drop. Playing around with short-term tax “holidays” to win votes shows what Hillary and McCain are about.

Let me address another myth that Senator Obama is a scary liberal. In fact, on average Obama is one of the more conservative Democrats in the Senate. Obama is rated more conservative than Hillary Clinton, and Obama is less liberal than McCain is conservative (only 9 points away from a perfect score versus Obama being 20 points away).


And most importantly Obama is the only one who won’t totally sell us out. Obama doesn’t take lobbyists money in his campaign. Hillary and McCain do. Obama is the one who will stand up to lobbyists and corporate interests to finally bring some change to Washington.

Obama is not perfect, but he’s all right. We’ve had two decades of Bush-Clinton-Bush-Clinton and Washington politics are stale and old. It’s time for a change. This is the argument Clinton made, by the way, when he got elected President in 1992. Clinton was right in 1992. Obama is right now. By the way, Bill Clinton was younger when he was elected President in 1992 than Obama is now.

Sen. Jay Rockefeller and Rep. Nick Rahall endorse Barack Obama.
Rahall said "I view my role as a superdelegate as one that takes the long-range view of what is in the best interest of our party and our country.”
Rockefeller said "I spent a lot of time thinking about this election, and ultimately concluded we needed a president like Barack Obama who is authentic, smart and tough and can unite this country to put working families first." www.dailymail.com/News/200805090037

Anonymous said...

The preceding announcement has been paid for by the Bullshit Foundation.

Anonymous said...

The funny thing is, everyone here keeps talking about how exciting it is that West Virginia's primary counts nationally. It doesn't: It's over. Obama is the nominee. Obama now leads in superdelegates, pledged delegates and the popular vote. Even if Clinton wins all 18 delegates, which she won't, she'll be unable to take the lead in any of those categories. Seriously: it's finished. Even McCain is now concentrating on Obama.

Fairness for West Virginia said...

Republicans, please do not vote for Russ Weeks on Tuesday. He is a joke.

Gary Abernathy will continue to steal from the Party and any candidate who will loan his campaign money.