05 May 2008

Rasmussen: Clinton 56%, Obama 27% in W.Va. (Updated)

Rasmussen polled 840 Democratic primary voters over the weekend to find that Hillary Clinton continues to maintain the 2-to-1 edge over Barack Obama indicated by the firm's mid-March survey.

Clinton is viewed favorably by 72% of West Virginia’s Primary Voters, Obama by 48%," Rasmussen said in a release. "Clinton’s numbers are unchanged while Obama’s ratings have dropped five percentage points."

The poll was released amid news that presumptive GOP nominee John McCain plans to visit West Virginia on May 16. The Associated Press has a story.

Rasmussen found that "72% say they’re at least somewhat likely to vote for Clinton over McCain in the general election. However, only 56% say they’re somewhat or very likely to vote for Obama."

Update: Hillary Clinton has announced a Thursday appearance in Charleston, AP reports.

Update II: The margin of error was +/- 3.5 percentage points. Among other findings:

  • Clinton's favorability rating remains unchanged from March, at 72%, while Obama's has dropped from 53% to 48%.
  • The economy and the war in Iraq remain the top two issues among the voters polled.
  • President Bush's disapproval rating edged up by a point, to 85%.
  • Gov. Joe Manchin's approval rating dipped from 57% to 53%.

1 comment:

clear eyes said...

There must be a problem with the poll somwhere. Clinton has an unfavorable rating of about 50% nationally. It would be quite embarrassing if WV truly had a 72% approval rating for her.