08 March 2010

Gambling in West Virginia (Updated)

After punting on the issue last session, lawmakers have proposed outlawing video-assisted or -enhanced raffle games, The Associated Press reports.

A Senate-passed bill "would forbid raffle games offered by charities to feature electronic or mechanical devices," the article said. " Anyone possessing such machines after July 1 would face a felony charge."

But the legislation surfaces amid a legal challenge against state regulators by the Harrison County Elks Lodge that lost 144 "video-enhanced raffle ticket dispensing machines" in a raid last year, AP reports.

Update: The House Judiciary Committee advanced the bill to the full House, AP reports, after amending it "to ensure it did not include such equipment as drums for drawing numbers." Chairman Tim Miley also noted the bill's start date means it could not apply in the Elks Lodge's case.

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