13 March 2010

Legislature 2010: Day 60 - 1400 Hours

The House and Senate had passed 128 bills by then end of their initial floor sessions Saturday.

Versions of around 50 more have passed both chambers, but must be reconciled before advancing to the governor.

Of these, six have required joint Senate-House conference committees to resolve the dueling versions.

The two chambers together have final votes scheduled on around 30 additional bills that each passed to the other earlier.

Among the highlights from the morning session:

  • PASSED TO GOVERNOR: Felony offense with prison terms for injuries or deaths from drivers ignoring stopped school bus. AP reports.
  • PASSED TO GOVERNOR: Erin's Law, targeting hit-and-run drivers. MetroNews reports.
  • PASSED TO GOVERNOR: Bill raising cap for state approval for higher education capital projects to $15 million. MetroNews reports.
  • IDLED: Gov. Joe Manchin's proposed constitutional amendment that aims to exempt some business inventory and equipment from county property taxes. AP reports.
  • IDLED: House-passed bill toughening state ethics standards, including adding spouses to disclosure requirements and revolving door lobbying provision. The Gazette reports.

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