08 March 2010

Supreme Court Public Funds Bill Gets National Attention (Updated)

Several national groups are weighing in on "legislation that would offer public funds to future candidates for West Virginia's Supreme Court," The Associated Press reports.

Senate Judiciary Chairman Jeff Kessler, D-Marshall and a bill supporter, is hosting a Monday afternoon Capitol press conference with leaders from Justice at Stake and the Committee for Economic Development.

The two organizations have taken stances previously on issues involving West Virginia's court system. Endorsing the House-passed bill, the groups commissioned a poll they say shows bipartisan support for the measure.

But the Center for Competitive Politics has argued against the public financing of election campaigns. Questioning the benefits of such measures, it has warned Kessler that the pending bill contains "serious constitutional flaws," AP reports.

Update: Kessler's committee endorsed the bill Monday on a non-unanimous voice vote, sending it to Senate Finance, AP reports.

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