11 March 2010

Legislature 2010: Day 58

  • Any woman seeking an abortion would be given a form offering them a pre-procedure ultrasound, under a House Judiciary amendment to one of the higher-profile bills of the session. As The Associated Press reports, the committee version also "would eliminate criminal penalties for doctors who violate the Women's Right to Know Act." The bill goes to the full House. Others with coverage include The Charleston Gazette, MetroNews, and the Charleston Daily Mail.
  • The House has approved a pair of Senate-passed measures targeting prescription drug abuse, with only slight changes to each. AP and the Herald-Dispatch of Huntington have coverage.
  • The Herald-Dispatch also reports on the Senate Judiciary's endorsement of a bill targeting cyberbullying and smartphone-based harassment. The measure advanced to Senate Finance.
  • House Speaker Rick Thompson has won passage of one of his top priorities this session, a bill allowing the Supreme Court to assign circuit judges to complex business disputes in the state's busier districts. AP, The Register-Herald of Beckley, MetroNews and The Gazette report on Senate passage of the business court bill.
  • The Daily Mail reports on progress behind a bill that would "commit nearly $9 million to help beef up the ranks of the West Virginia State Police to its highest level in years." The measure heading to a Senate vote "calls for increasing the number of troopers in the state to 800 by the year 2016," the article said.
  • The Register-Herald notes the Senate's passage of a House-approved bill under which "families with loved ones interred in rural settings would be assured access to cemeteries."

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