09 March 2010

Legislature 2010: Abortion

Legislation that would "require doctors to offer women the chance to view ultrasound images before getting an abortion" is down to its final committee for review, The Associated Press and others report.

AP was among those on hand for the more than three hours of debate that preceded the 16-9 vote by the House Health and Human Resources Committee's decision to endorse the bill and advance it to House Judiciary.

Foes say the Senate-passed measure "is insulting to women and meant to intimidate doctors," the article said. "Supporters say it simply provides women with the opportunity for more information."

AP also notes that House Judiciary is "where bills that would restrict abortion have been stranded for the last several years. A change in leadership at that committee might spell a different outcome this year."

The Charleston Gazette reported earlier that while Chairman Tim Miley, D-Harrison, is anti-abortion, his wife Susan is not and spoke against the bill at last week's public hearing. MetroNews follows up on that, with audio from the chairman.

The Gazette also reports on the bill advancing, as does the Charleston Daily Mail.

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